5 Signs It's Time to Sell Your Home

Real Estate

Is it time to sell your home? Have you outgrown your home?  Or has your home outgrown you and your household? Fewer and fewer families expect to stay in their first or second home for the long haul. Here are some factors to determine if you're financially and emotionally ready to sell your house:

Growing or shrinking household -- Reasons to upsize: Are you having a baby, are your kids getting older and need more space or are your parents moving in? Or downsize: Maybe you're sending your youngest off to college. In any event, if your living space has become too cramped or grown beyond your needs or if you want less to clean? It may be time to sell your home.

Plenty of home equity -- Subtract the value of your home from the amount you have left on your loan. What's left over is the equity -- or the amount you'll have post-sale. After you sell your home, you'll be a buyer again, so having some funds to put down is key.

Changing circumstances -- Location matters. Whether your neighborhood dynamics are changing, you're unhappy with the schools in your area or a new job significantly increases your commute, your community needs to fit your lifestyle. Search using our home search tool to help you decide if it is time to sell your home.

Home improvements -- Renovations may be a wise investment, but it's best to avoid listing your home in the middle of a project. If you plan to sell your home as is, completing some minor home updates such as new paint and fixtures can be a huge selling point.

Interest from potential buyers -- You'll want to list when you know buyers are looking. Some experts say late spring is the ideal time to sell your home, but peak seasons vary by region. Milder weather can increase buyer interest, but that also means more competition from other sellers. Make sure you hire a professional realtor. One who has the right experience and is not in a big group where you don't know who will be handling your sale.

Moving is a big decision, one that requires careful consideration. If your needs have changed since you bought your home, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We are real estate consultants. We are in no rush to sell your home. When you are ready, the Metts Group is here to help. We will get the best price possible within the market place and make the transition as smooth as possible. Ask about our senior services & staging team.